Stephen King’s SILVER BULLET – Movie Review

Stephen King’s SILVER BULLET – Movie Review

Let’s talk about the wheels the wearable Stephen king’s silver ball it’s a silver bullet that came out in 1985. It’s a werewolf movie it’s a mystery movie. It’s a mystery movie about who’s the werewolf and it’s very Stephen King also a movie that scared the living hell out of me. This movie before I saw the job as I was a little kid and it was a movie I was like okay I’m sleeping under my covers from all that like you know help people sleep under the covers. The covers are a magical force field that keeps the werewolf away and I sleep with my head under it and now I got to choose because oxygen depletion is a thing is your breathing under the covers. So do I want to poke my head out and take a breath and take a chance for them to come face to face with the werewolf or do I just keep my head underneath so I would do I think we just make a Hollywood for a solid month after watching silver bullet scared me to death for the characters in this movie?

The one I love Terry BUC as the uncle is the alcoholic self-destructive yet cool to his nephew and niece’s uncle. I mean there’s an arc with him at a point he stopped drinking is like his nephew going Hey there’s a werewolf out there and you’re like all right. We’ll help you out I guess if I kind of believe you which I do kind of believe you it causes him to stop drinking and being so self-destructive but it’s you gotta pay attention to it’s not like anyone. You’re suffering really produce a solid arc with him but he’s also amazing. I was the cool uncle he just feels like the kind of vocal you want to have his own. He’s really calling for his paraplegic nephew hill building this rocket wheelchair that’s completely not within code will probably get the kid killed.
It is so easy to see Gary Busey is just the crazy guys like all it’s crazy Gary Busey but the dude has a catalog of performances in roles in movies where he’s a really good actor. I thought he crushes it as the uncle and silver bullet also. The late Corey came in his youth he’s a paraplegic can’t you start to be like wait a minute. I think there’s a walkable from those down so he is the star of the show as true Stephen King small town. In that Stephen King way, this movie really does concentrate on the small-town drama and Hey there’s this supernatural element that’s rearing its head and none of the adults believe there’s a supernatural thing that’s why a kid in a Stephen King story. This is so important because the kids have the imagination to take that leap like most of the time in the real world.

They’re just kids being kids with imaginations and they’re ridiculous and that’s why we defer to the adult opinions but there have been enough Stephen King stories out there that show that in a Stephen King story. These kids are the ones who have the imagination enough to see the truth needful things a town full of idiot adults just fallen for any kid with a sniffed out Leland gaunt and Bryan rust did look where that got it but that’s the point kids have that superpower of perception. I was like Stephen King illustrates that and this was the movie that terrified me. This was in fact my job not only did I see this before side jobs but it was more likely that a werewolf was going to kill me than a shark-like jaw was intense but it never scared me as much as a silver bullet.

This movie is very near and dear to my heart you’re getting a peek into my soul with this post When I would look into the deep dark blackness of the would that be like yet wearable territory but I still say it’s more likely that a werewolf would kill me in the northwest then a great white shark. I just that’s real to me I still want to look into the woods I get this uneasy feeling. It’s probably because of this movie silver bullet excels. When it is being jobs and that is one thing you don’t see the creature that’s when the silver bullet that is scary that’s when it’s at its most intense you know just has the POV camera that shaky camera makes it feel different than the rest of the movie. The snarling of the wire will really scary intense stuff. When you don’t see the wolf that it’s at its most intense couple of wearable transformation scenes really horrific imagery. I like those but in the end, when the movie starts getting brasher is like okay now you can see the wolf.

It’s just not a scare you’re like aw you just look like a guy in a fin Baron fit well that’s not scary seeing the shark in jaws never compromises. The feeling of the job seeing the world from silver bullet doesn’t compromise silver bullet but I really like revisiting silver bullet as I was watching silver bullet this time around it was like yeah this is something kids probably shouldn’t watch at least the kid in the late eighties. I’ve fundamentally changed forever plus my parents tried their best to get me not to watch things like this but whenever they were occupied. I knew I had the TV guide I enjoy it even watching this time around I rob was really hooked by and it’s the Stephen King town. The Stephen King execution of Gary Busey in Corey Hamm vat all works for me. When you don’t see the werewolf.

This movie is actually a great wearables movie it just ends very abruptly you know I don’t know if the book ends this abruptly it probably does because it ends kind of like a book but a movie should kind of pad the ending to give the audience time to kind of decompress from the experience. You look at the book the Martian it ends pretty abruptly after mark Watney is rescued in the movie. It has a whole extra scene where he’s on earth and he’s giving a lecture just gives the audience more time to go we’re breathing would be compressing where all right now we can go back to the world. I think the silver bullet could be used to seem like that doesn’t have that subjectively to me. I love silver bullet for a first time watch if you’ve never seen it. It’s fun to be like who’s the work will I think silver ball it’s a good time no alcohol requires a silver bullet have you seen it what did you think about it.

Pixar’s SOUL – Movie Review

Pixar’s SOUL – Movie Review

This movie starts in there’s no Pixar short of the beginning that’s part of the experience I don’t see what anyway maybe they’ll put it later I just throw off the whole vibe. So the new Pixar film the biggest Pixar film you’ll see on the that’s just the way it’s going to be for a while. He wants to be a jazz musician he’s a middle school band teacher at the moment but he has this big opportunity in any dice which caught me off guard. I didn’t know what the movie was about this is 2020 is the year where I don’t have to see trailers because I don’t go to the movie theater so I’m like if I don’t have to watch trailers.

This is the year right just I have largely stayed out of trailers. I thought it was about a guy pal around with Casper turns out he does not a man full of that 1 way to go is he doesn’t want to go to great beyond. He’s not ready in the breaks through and goes to this other place which is great before I believe. They call it which is where souls start out and they get props to go to earth very LDS city meets up with the soul who’s the only soul smart enough to steer clear of earth. Don’t worry you can’t crush a soul here that’s what life on earth is far better than 22 knows. what’s up also that’s the best line in the movie shocks they show up at the trailer park trailer told that once all right now we have a journey of self-discovery in which 2 people are going to walk the spirits I suppose are going to help each other find out about each other in a story that goes straight to the Seoul. But I was a lot of set up for one video but there’s a lot to like about this movie. Every first of all Jamie Foxx plays the voice of Joe Tina fey plays 22 believe Tina fey plays 22.

It sucks when you get information wrong to the video if you like less permanent as they are now but they did well together. They worked as a parent I love the story of Joe because Joe is characters the one that asked the real question is the entire time. I was like yeah 20 to Tina fey’s character. I agree wholeheartedly moving on to Joe granted throughout the movie 22’s gonna get brainwashed into being convinced that she’s wrong. She was completely right avoiding risk 5 what a Downer this video I’m sorry I mean to be a downturn just saying that you can hang out in some cosmic wonderlands. You know given the choice of the 2 but I really gravitated towards the story of Joe you know he’s the guy who wants his shot hasn’t really gotten his shot hasn’t regretted it in life he wants to have that shot like there are a lot of mature themes in this movie other Pixar movies.

This is probably the most mature that’s not to say you know sex drugs and rock and roll or anything like that it’s not like that but in terms of the themes. It’s dealing with it’s just there seems that in my experience kids don’t really contemplate yet. I mean they will eventually when they’re no longer kids when they’re old enough to be adults who have possibly made the wrong decisions or at least made decisions in their life that are provoked them years after the fact to reflect on their lives and wonder. I make the right decisions that you have to be old enough to have made monumental decisions in your life enough to where you possibly have regrets that’s really. The demographic of the movie soul in which case is probably its greatest strength and maybe its biggest weakness more of a strength and a weakness for me because I connected with that you know because we all think about that stuff for a lot of takeaways.

I had this movie that made me think back to actually a conversation I had with my dad a couple of days ago restock of my dad’s really talented in music and electronics. He made electronics his career because that paid the bills when he had years married and had kids he was talking about how if you get was given the choice. He would have stuck with music more but if he had made his hobby his career what do you’ve gotten sick of it because at a point you kind of got burned out electronics music is still his passion to this day so would that be the case if he had made music his career I don’t know but this is the takeaways I had from Seoul. They’re actually pretty monumental form doesn’t intend to take away but it was for me such a matter is actually great terrible lesson monologue in here that really put that into perspective for everyone else but again it’s one of those things that I don’t think kids are really going to connect with it’s good to Have they have that lesson to reflect back on but for the sake of this movie.

They’re probably gonna be like I really dig the part where the person and the cats are calling around and it’s a person cat buddy movie and Pixar’s always have teams that hit with adults and kids. You know the family movies in the sense that parents can take their kids to these movies and not want to leave it out there now like I’m here for the kids I hope you’re having fun no adults can log into really well. I really like that I took away something from this might be the Pixar movie where adults select all wow that’s perfect and stuff and kids alike I want to watch cartoons the deeper themes of this movie might go over their heads because they’re just not very yet. I also like the bars where deal with people in that Transtech Tino this state in-between states basically the people you think are hippie crazies and like whatever they’ve just figured it out this began to Disney Pixar movie.

They could not have Joe Rogan on any substances in here but if it wasn’t a Disney Pixar movie. He would have been I promise in the end I really dug soul I heard like you know everyone cries at the end of this movie I didn’t cry was what got hardened horrid human folks look at my face. I’m just here now but it was a really touching movie. I really dug it it’s a touching character film and a relevant human fell just in terms of the philosophies of life and how to live in how to see your life. Your talents your calling in life that’s an important thing in a world where the questions on such matters seem to grow exponentially the questions grow the answers are fewer and what to do this is a movie that attempts to give you a good philosophy to look at and I was entertained you know if I can have both that’s ideal but it’s another win for Pixar. you probably already have all right so soul have you seen it what do you think about it whatever you thought.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales – Game Review

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales – Game Review

I like spiderman so it’s probably a smart move on their part but still spider man miles Morales is a new spider man game in the vein of the spider man game that came out for PS 4. The same world as that game and that game you saw the intro of miles Morales and now miles has his own game in which you play as hand one of the things. I will say right out the gate if you were a fan of the spider man game before you’re going to jump right into this kind of like riding a bike in terms of the punch an enemy swing kicking enemy. Those basic moves are the same so you can get right into it from there swing around the city have your scavenger hunt elements in here that’s the game goes to great lengths. Let you know that you were not playing as Peter Parker. This is a different person and they do it wonderfully right from the music that the music in this okay the soundtrack should have a vinyl release and when they do is going to be mine.

This soundtrack is what currently of the vinyl release that’s inevitably going to happen because the music sounds familiar. When you’re swinging around New York you’re like this is the spider man music but it has that hip-hop beat to it. It’s still epically mixed to give it that spider man flavor but also miles Morales also the way he moves is different. When you’re swinging around the city or something clumsy get stylish about it. He’s not just swinging he’s falling with style and I like the fact that he moves differently van Peter Parker would be so easy for them to realize well. We do have the swinging animations from the previous game we can just put miles were always close on there and the miles Morales spider man suit and look at that follow-up new spiderman. It would’ve been so easy to do is we’re gonna lazy but they didn’t do that they went out of their way to make you for like oh this is not Peter Parker this is miles Morales complete with a new movie set.

Because miles Morales spider man has different moves than Peter Parker spider man to turn invisible. You have venom strike really powerful things you can upgrade here those are on a couple of the stealth missions. I was like I could really go for some impact webbing. I’m just sad but that’s to the point if you master the previous spiderman games the new moves in here are like but you haven’t mastered these so you have things to learn here new moves as well as new outfits. Which what I’ve locked the spider verse outfit I use that for a solid portion of the game and I love the fact they have this mod that you give to suit that makes him move in the frame rate from the movie. I just that’s a good bit of fan service I just love that I also love that outfit re has the jacket in the hood that’s just a cool looking outfit but most importantly the character of Miles Morales. You’re playing as the family dynamic the supporting characters how are they’re the ones who are going to bring me into the game and make me really care about miles Morales.

When spider-man takes off miles is now new York’s only spider man for the next few weeks and he has to step up in some really big ways to save the day. I mean I love spider personally his intro in the PS 4 spider man spider-verse. I was like oh yeah I like the kid is cool but now I like spiderman. Spiderman I mean Peter Parker’s also spider man and that’s why miles is kind of the gold standard of how you introduce a new character to be a new hero with the same name as the old hero. They don’t replace each other don’t cancel each other out or anything but you welcome him with open arms because miles is awesome he’s a good kid he has a good heart just wants to do right he exhibits the qualities. What I like about Spiderman I got attached to him I got attached to his family I mean the whole scene with his dad in spider man PS 4 games.

They’re like that’s no moon I mean the family dynamic is an important element in the spider-man story to me anyway that’s the thing that hooked me when I was younger also. I like the villain I mean there are a couple of people who were doing less than altruistic things in New York at this time but the point is the main 1 it wants to focus on is you get were the villains coming from you understand you empathize you sympathize miles Morales does too, however. This is not the way to 1 of those billing dynamics real like I get why you’re doing what you gotta understand. what you’re doing in terms of the technical elements not gonna get too technical. I’m not a technician but being on PS 5. We got to talk about some of the flares that PS 5 has to offer with this game first of all the low times yes the prince is actively short and we know that because the previous spiderman games out fast travel you know you’d be on the subway. He’s on the subway just hanging out doesn’t even give you that animation it’s like you want to fast travel suite now you’re there as the previous spiderman games Eichel fast travels pretty relatively generally speaking unless it’s across the city.

You could probably swing there faster but if it’s just the next sector over that’s. When I found anyways how it seemed anyhow in this game fast travel is truly just faster also graphically you have 4K at 60 frames a second or 30 frames a second with ray tracing which is a way of saying details are better but 30 frames a second set of 60 first place. I played through with all the jazzy raytracing second playthrough was at 60 frames a second either which I can show you here because I don’t export my 50004 or 63 is affected but they both look great in their own ways to which 1 you want to do that’s completely up to you. 1 thing I know for certain is PC gamers are out there like they have to pick between the 2 that are precious.

The game is comparatively short for sure it is reflected slightly in the price and the fact that the game 4999 and is that a 5999. We’re going around just 50 Bucks instead of 60 Bucks now you’re gonna compare it. I don’t know if the previous spiderman games 20 percent longer than the miles Morales spider man game to 100 percent reflected in the price. I don’t think so I think the gap between the 2 is a little longer and that’s where you have to keep in mind they sent me the game for free this is part of the reason. I don’t like it you should for free in terms of review but I like getting things for free because it kind of feels cool. We’ll just keep in mind when I say like the game is still fine you know like what I dropped 50 Bucks on this game yeah it is $50 worth of funding for going around picking up all the stuff and that’s what I’m saying here is all the side quests go into the price for is what I’m usually buying a game I like the core story to feel like a full game.

We can have a bunch of side quests that really beef it up and really Pat it now to get your money’s worth out of this game in terms of length. You have to do all the side quests because of what I did new game plus you keep all your gear. So you’re just powered up ready to go you can go right to the core game you even have to do the side quests of him that man is knocked out. while the core game is pretty short but this game played in the pocket and gave me what I like which is a great story about a hero who doesn’t start out feeling like a hero after that you get attached to him it’s an inspiring story really is I wanted to go around and clean up all the crime not just because I wanted to feel like I played a complete game.

Because I wanted to be the hero that miles is I loved the spider verse but there’s something about the well-constructed game that will get me more attached to the main character just the way it is and this game is that I thought spider man miles Morales was a worthy successor spin-off whatever you wanna call. it was a worthy spider man game with a worthy spider man here that I’m happy to call spider man versus spider man miles Morales have you played it what did you think about it.

Wonder Woman 1984 – Movie Review

Wonder Woman 1984 – Movie Review

I find it interesting I don’t know why they would mention it was Batman gonna be like most inflict harm to 94 like why would they mention. I don’t know the point is there are things that worked in this movie at the top we have gal Gadot as Wonder Woman I mean this isn’t just her second movie being Wonder Woman either she’s been wonder woman and with the 4 movies right fork fifth.

if you include the Snyder cut I mean she’s better on Wonder Woman 1984 than she was in the original Wonder Woman. She’s so good Wonder Woman at this point she makes me feel bad for doubting her ever wonder woman the original Wonder Woman. There were a couple of emotional scenes of really stick the landing with me as much as I imagine. The movie wanted to Wonder Woman 1984 there are a couple of emotional scenes and absolutely sticks the landing more also Steve Trevor and the Wonder Woman Steve Trevor dynamic once again Chris pine is back as Steve Trevor and I was a little afraid of I was gonna be like up the same shtick different movie than the previous Wonder Woman movie. Wonder Woman from famous Kera and she comes to our world becomes our world. She’s a fish out of water Steve Trevor’s her guide so it’s fun to see her navigate our world or at least our world as it was in World War 1 but this fish out of water scenario.

They had it works because it’s just a fun way to poke at the absurdities of us of humans in 1 of 1984. Wonder woman’s been in our world for decades. She’s been here for a while she knows how it operates and now Steve Trevor is the fish out of water because he hasn’t been around since World War 1. I was afraid I was just gonna feel old but they do enough in this movie to keep it feeling new that’s not really. The same kind of eyes looking up the world. Wonder Woman wasn’t from our world at all she knew nothing of our human idiosyncrasies completely new experience for her so what is different having someone who knows nothing about the world and someone who knew about the world decades ago. Just isn’t familiar with it now but this all worked it was kinda like that episode of Star Trek the next generation called relics for Scotty is in an episode of Star Trek.

The next generation opens up the dilithium crystal chambers like let you know that your dilithium crystals are gonna fracture injuries. We composite the crystals while they’re still inside you know so he knows about diluting crystals. He just doesn’t understand how the technologies change and evolve whereas if you take someone from 1870 to show them that lithium crystals are gonna be like I know nothing about that so they had a new spin on that take. They did from the first Wonder Woman entertainment also Pedro Pascal. Pedro Pascal was actually really good now I’m not saying that trump metaphor kind of way. I’ve heard that from around I mean maybe he is maybe he isn’t I don’t I suppose if you want to see that you’re going to say it felt like in the Bush administration any movie that had to do with what or at all just like a GI Joe rise of cobra obviously it’s a metaphor of George but it’s not too.

I think read the cover came out after Pointed suppose you’re gonna see it. If you want to see it but when I’m talking about Pedro Pascal from this movie when I’m talking about Maxwell lord. I’m just talking about a comic book movie villain thought. it was a really good comic book movie film because it was different than what I thought. it was gonna be I don’t know what I expected from the guy I don’t know what I expected from the character. But his character interested me and the logistics surrounding the character and why he’s a threat. I thought it really compelling because it’s kind of unconventional. You don’t just have okay the supervillain who super-powered and the superhero who super-powered and they fight because that’s what superheroes and supervillains do you have your toe to toe fight like lex Luthor in Superman.

Lex Luthor is much more intellectual than Pedro Pascal’s character in this movie. Pedro Pascal’s much more emotional it’s much more interesting much more fascinating much more complex has much more to tell about just people in general humanity as a whole in a world. Where Wonder Woman can’t just beat up Pedro Pascal’s character because she’ll literally turn his head into silly putty. if she tries to punch them in the face. I guess they felt they need a big physical fight at the end of this movie and that’s Regina comes in but it does feel like cheetah was thrown into this movie just for that it is played by Kristen Wiig and they’re like 3 phases of cheat on this movie. You have Barbara who’s super awkward you know she’s not confident so you need someone with that comedic timing to deflect with jokes and just you know what I thought she worked. I thought Kristen Wiig work for that then she gets a lot more confidence in this movie again Kristen Wiig works for that is cheating I don’t know because we don’t really get a good look at it and get a good look at you know because the fight takes place at night.

They did that because they’re clearly doing that trick that Hollywood’s been doing for years. If not decades to hide shoddy CGI we just have the CGI take place at night but in the end, it was just this fight that happens at the end for the sake of it happening and that’s the reason she’s in the movie. I really didn’t feel the pay off with that not at all after that cheetah monologue. I suppose were swinging in the things that didn’t really land for me at the beginning of the movie. I thought it came across as a bit cheesy like the movie as a whole I’m not talking about the flashback scene of her which is a little girl and she’s an infamous character that I didn’t need because it didn’t really link to anything. I think she repeats a phrase from there should have the phrase you don’t need to build up for a phrase. I feel like this because robin Wright all the Amazonians there were there under contracts to be in the movies of the ruler.

we’re gonna fill that was I’m in the movie a flashback at the beginning that really doesn’t die in anything but now I’m talking about the mall throw down. There’s something about that mall throw down it. I felt like I was watching a comic book movie from 1984. You know that kind of cheese has now come back to comic book movies. I guess and maybe that was the intent. I just don’t think it didn’t want any favors. I don’t think it did the movie favors could tell people were on strings that the fight looked a bit unnatural. I just started off on the wrong foot for this. We’re going okay I guess comic book movies have gone back to visit some of the other effects also didn’t seem too polished. I granted the last Wonder Woman movie kind of fell into that also it on hold for going for continuity there’s a scene where she’s running after these trucks were like the cadence of your feet and your speed it looks like you’re floating.

She’s Wonder Woman so she can do that kind of way but more like well the CJI it’s really noticeable cut away at the movies a bit too long. it feels a bit too long because there are a lot of elements in this movie that they’re all churning together in the movies. What 2.5 hours is on like that you didn’t really need to be a could just be Maxwell lord and for me that would’ve been a not for now you have to build a cheetah for 1 fight to happen at the end of this movie and that’s the sole reason that said the third act of Wonder Woman 1984 is a better third active than the original Wonder Woman movie. If you take cheated out of it like by and large the third act of this movie really did work for me Brexit by the third act of this movie. I was like I’ve seen this in another movie this is the third act of another Jim Carrey movie like someone saw the third act that is Jim Carrey movie.

They’re like but if we put Wonder Woman in there why not I don’t know I just couldn’t help to think of it I would be traveled if you don’t hear that in 9 out of 10 reviews it actually has a good lesson to good plea for humanity it came across as a bit cheesy. When it’s hammering it home sure a bit sappy but what can I say I’m a cheesy sappy human is gonna work for me but the first 2 acts of the previous Wonder Woman movie. I thought were far superior to the first 2 acts of this Wonder Woman movie. Wonder Woman 1984 that said I really did gal Gadot Chris pine’s chemistry together. I really like the Wonder Woman Steve Trevor dynamic that kept it going for me also Pedro Pascal as Maxwell lord. Those 3 characters keep this movie afloat absolutely there’s a great movie somewhere in here it doesn’t always shine through. You’ve already seen it did you enjoy whatever you think.

The Mandalorian Season 2 FINALE! (My Thoughts)

The Mandalorian Season 2 FINALE! (My Thoughts)

Spoilers this is the thing where it’s like when I say spoiler alert don’t watch unless you’ve seen it. I know there’s a percentage of people who are like I would not put house boiler is going to be and do I care about the spoilers love your Star Wars. The person has a basically telling family like my brother I know that he wants to binge amando. This is the finale there are things to talk about but really there’s one thing that people want me to talk about maybe I’m projecting. This is the thing I want to talk about other things leading up to it and which I’m going to talk about those first 2 starts out and they get broken chance help which I’m glad to get book contends help before I was like she really missed the boat on sticking around Mando and getting straight them up getting into a black man and I was like Hey you want to go get my get in now you want to she looks a Boba Fett and she’s like you’re not a man to Laurie.

The scenario is Boba Fett was a Mandalorian and then they wrecked on that mate and not a man to Lorraine and then they retcon the rec con in the Mandalorian and made Boba Fett. A Mandalorian invoke at 10 the would-be leader of the Mandalorians well I think it’s a pretty good handle on who is in is not a Mandalorian tells Boba Fett no you’re not a mandatory do not take a shot every time. I say Mandalorian I don’t want you to die but man I just got it I was I don’t know if confused or frustrated. I just think back to a time when you could know what was going on in Star Wars and you didn’t need a doctorate in the degree titles the galaxy far far away elegy point. They concoct this plan and get into the imperial cruiser because Mandel’s like I want to get grow grew back and that is the plan in their dark troopers first.

I was like oh dark troopers is going to be metal then one gets through the door and Mandos fight the dark trooper which is I mean the pretty dumb though it’s cool that he was punching Mandos had his helmet wasn’t taking any damage. Because it’s super strong but even they were denting the walk with his helmet I just kind of funny that there’s a dark trooper supposed to be there super dangerous next-level droid but he’s like I can’t get through his helmet. I don’t know I guess the more I try to put any machine worth its salt bill I can’t get through the are but you know what still as Williams. That’s right ma’am no no you have a broken leg now you’re which makes it even funnier than that science is there’s always solve the human elements and now these aren’t suits.

They’re not troopers there dark troopers and droids we’ve taken a human element out we’ve perfected the soldier but any human soldier would have adapted to that situation and broken a limb federation makes droids jet. I beat droids Republic makes troops defeat Chennai empire makes sure it’s Amanda beats dark troopers asked the rest get blown out of an airlock so that was that internet chatter about the dark trooper. Forgoing to bat for people who like to troopers there finally came in and they come back to die again. We’re getting back soon my friend Susan we’ll talk about it but Mando shows up to grow selling which marketing has the dark saber to baby grow good man does like I didn’t care you can give the dogs ever I just want the kid I just won’t grow to go back not getting into like I can feel it.

The connection hits me where I live to take a pledge to you now this isn’t our first Bioware game. We’ve all been there right on some assassination or something persons like wait let me just do this thing. Just give me a second I’m totally not gonna draw a weapon on you or try to kill you or alert the guards. You know mock Getty and be in the village start swaying in the dark saber at Mando. They get into a fight which is a hot toys spoiler right there because hot toys really say. This is our mock Gideon figures hot toys are usually pretty accurate to what happens on screen and there’s a dark saber blade that is Maaf Gideon swinging the dark saber and I was like he has not swung the dark saber in the series yet which means in the finale.

He’s going to get into a fight with the dark there he’s got it now you gotta know your product what to watch out for that sure and the dark troopers come back they were in space. They’re like dude we have rockets is fine but is looking pretty dire they’re about to bust through the door in one X wing fighter shows up and I was like okay so the new Republic is it’s gonna be one X wing fighter like Jost one and then a bunch are gonna show up the whole fleet is going to be fine. But now it’s just one X wing fighter and it took me there was a trickle of realization after that I was like one X wing fighter and then jet I wrote person plopped down. I was like nope you know because I can’t fully I can’t give myself over to that kind of hope.

These days is dead I don’t know if it’s 2020 or just my age in general. I do not trust or hope it is for a stake in these lands where you start recognizing those boots really quickly. When I saw the black glove only on 1 hand the only on his right hand the other hand had no glove. I was like o my goddess looks like I said a lot of like Luke Skywalker they were showing his face at first. I didn’t care the whole life and I was like you don’t even have to show his face the fact that it’s Luke that’s enough for me. Because we’re getting what we wanted as fans walk for sense was it 2012-2013. We learned Star Wars movies were coming back there was gonna be an episode 7 time flies for you have that hope for that scenario. we’re everyone’s it’s this dire situation people need hope they need a hero and Luke comes in to save the day people thought that was gonna happen in the Las data and it didn’t and all they wanted.

They wanted because it is as simple as these people love their heroes and they love their heroes acting here relic and Luke straight up as a hero. The hero Eckley tires these dark troopers down he makes these droids look like the battle droids in phantom menace yes sh a number now. We’ve come full circle to jet I beat strides I will say when you grab that 1 dark trooper with the forcing crushes them I was like. The son of Anakin Skywalker all right the very Anakin Skywalker move right there I like guys like the fact that that connection was there and he gets to the prisoners like there’s a Sebastian Stan another doing that deep fakes CG. But not deep fake so it’s a CG I face that they did for Grand Moff Tarkin and lay and rogue one but which yeah you can totally tell it’s the CD I face I got I wished they recast that uncanny valley you know it’s like a real human just feels more human.

You appreciate the scene but you can’t help but feel like and the CG I face funny Lucasfilm Disney. They’re weird you know like on one hand like we can’t recast people on the other hand there like sometimes. We can maybe it’s like if they want to bring him back for more things all right then recast and which will make the CG I face stand out more because like yeah see I faced Luke then shortly afterward real face luth. The fact that he has one glove and one hand without a glass one could call him it’s cool hand, Luke. I’m done but it’s going to wipe out about I just dead but there was a part of me that was like is he going to say I’m Luke Skywalker her rescue because that you know the chain of thought starts happening is like well invoking tend to be like your lose who now but he didn’t say that was invited inside.

It was just one of those weird subconscious fan moments we’re going to get it but that would have been J. isn’t something cool I didn’t do that he just pops enemies. I’m here for him which can we just kind of take a chuckle at the fact that both K. 10 was in the room with the son of Anakin Skywalker and just didn’t know it but then after this moment of Omar guard Luke is back and he’s doing exactly what we all do to not Jake knows grumpy uncle Jake Luke then were met with this emotional moment were man dell has to give grow grew to Luke Skywalker and grow doesn’t really want to go and grow. Who wants his permission and you know we touch Hellman I’m like yeah I should once his face he takes off the helmet foreman. This is really good moment man like the whole thing with Mando that I like is that you feel like when we first saw him he was on the path to basically be in the other Boba Fett.

The next Boba Fett but then there’s this moment where he’d eat the packages this kid and he just makes the callers as I suppose is another reality out there from manta yeah this fictional character so who’s not I guess but you know written for him and his character there is where he was like yeah I’ll give the kid over. I’m a bounty hunter and he doesn’t find his human connection. You didn’t know we needed but you know we dead it’s just a fundamental story of connection and growth which means when he has to say goodbyes just it’s sad you know it’s a touching thing because I’m Luke Skywalker you know take care of them looks like I well I tried. The publication is the implication grow who died is or are we just wipe it all that from Canada because Disney is already wiped away cannon once before we had all those books. You know those Timothy Zahn Bucks erred in the empire and all that and Disney was like that’s no longer canon now.

These are cannons so they could just be like yeah and this is 789 they’re no longer canon because we can do that because we’ve done it before. who knows where they’re going but I’ll tell you this Mandalorian season to board on its sleeve Mandalorian appeared to be a couple of things is exactly a couple of things that Mandalorian season 2 showed. it actually is which is a fun Star Wars show to scratch that Star Wars edge that’s the easy 1 but also a hug to springboard other spin-off series for other characters that are also happening whether it’s a soca Boba Fett book with what it sees apparently called now pose Christine. it’s inner Boba Fett goes back to the job as old palace repeated Fortuna is that he has become hot for tuna the Hutt Boba Fett kills them and because both of the hot which is good.

I think it’s good for both of that I think that’s a place that I could see him ending up but that’s my point star were show to scratch that Star Wars edge hub to springboard other spin-off shows. But also the thing that was they have their work cut out for him on this 1 but bring Luke and was definitely that right direction for it in the Mandalorians up thing to get fans back on the side of Star Wars giving people. This smart call and also pretty 3 to say I do have questions though there are things that leave up that are unresolved you know it’s good to do it’s good to have something lead into the next season Amanda has a dark saber here in the dark saver I guess because the dark savers kinda like ones and Harry potter. I suppose as someone who does not have a doctorate in the degree of a galaxy far far away all the checked out as I did.

it for a large section of my life and then the lord just exponentially tenfold grew and now I’m just like you know what I’m pretty solid on the first. It very results in there’s that Sir this scenario as I took it was Mando beat Maaf Getty and he has a dark saber but he earned a dark city. Because he beat him in their fight so it’s like you can just give the dark saber to Boca tan she has to be you wanna fight Amanda is like I don’t want I yield here it’s like God doesn’t work that way. you know people will know you yield and she will be seen as a leader so you have to fight the implication being either Mandel were both contains going to die in this duel but Mandel got the dark saber by beating marketing didn’t die so I suppose book at 10 just has to beat him in a fight is like all right well we can just plan this out make it like a WWE event.

you know it’s like we’ll make it look good for the fans but in the end the scripts. We know where the script is going to take the winner at first I was like whoa that’s a really sticky situation there and 1 of them has to drive it doesn’t look like 1 of them actually has to do with the market it didn’t see a Mandalorian season 2 in the end. I dug at it so it’s 1 of those shows I still think you need to watch from beginning to end like the week 2 weeks fine but I want to sit down and now watch it from beginning to end keep saying and like the show’s over sh district was going on. I mean without the Mando baby Grogan dynamic I don’t know at the beginning was episodic there was some flown at but really epic episodes that I really dog most of which tied into pre-existing Star Wars characters that I like but this is exactly how you want to finish off the season 2 finale by giving people what they wanted in 2015 parts of the Mandalorian season 2 finale. Have you seen it I hope you have a view of this post well what did you think about it would you think of the finality would you think of the season as a whole?